Benefits of cloud based solutions

Flexibility – Cloud based services gives you the flexibility of scaling up IT on demand. Employees can access data from anywhere, including in the office, home on the go. This can create a more flexible and mobile work environment. It also provides flexibility in implementing changes with less risks and costs.

Increased efficiency and cost reduction – as huge amount of resources are not needed for everyone, cloud provider can lease them to other clients, and they divide the cost between clients. Because of less time and cost, organisations can focus their energy elsewhere and be efficient.

Reliability – Cloud IT systems are hosted in datacentres with heavy redundancy to reduce the possibly of outages.
Security – Data centres hosting cloud based solutions have far greater physical and digital security in place than independent companies.

At ITswitch we provide range of cloud services to our clients

Google Apps


Google’s always-on cloud offering gives you a professional email system using your own domain name.

Microsoft Office 365



Microsoft’s cloud email, communications and remote access system. Microsoft Office 365 gives you Microsoft Exchange in the cloud.

Email Filtering


Cloud email filtering solutions scan your emails in the cloud for SPAM and viruses before they reach your network.

Web Filtering


If you are looking for a way to control and monitor the internet use of your staff. Cloud web filtering solutions that allows you to view and report on your internet usage.

Cloud Backups


Send your backups to the cloud.

Server Hosting


Leverage on servers in the cloud. Reduce your investment in IT infrastructure and increase reliability.